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About Little Travel Adventures

My name is Kristy Filewood and “Little Travel Adventures” came to life when I combined my 2 biggest passions – Dance and Travel for my daughters to enjoy. Watching the joy in their faces when they pretend to fly to different countries and dance around the world, while learning fun facts as they go, made me want to share this experience with other children.


I have years of experience in the dance industry, teaching, as well as dancing professionally in shows that have travelled interstate and overseas. I have also studied in travel and tourism and worked in the travel industry for over 17 years. Through my love of travel I have travelled the world visiting numerous countries, covering almost every continent and experiencing wonderful cultures along the way!


So with my passion, experience of travelling, performing and raising children, I have created fun and interactive programs that compliment the Pre-School and Childcare National Quality Framework standards. With the combination of music, dance, percussion instruments, props, imagination, and an interactive world map, the children will really immerse themselves in learning about the world around them. 


I provide the inspiration and the children’s imaginations do the rest.

Little Travel Adventures has been developed to include numerous aspects of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).


Each Adventure covers all 5 of the outcome areas:


Outcome One - Children have a strong sense of identity

Outcome Two – Children are connected with and contribute to their world

Outcome Three – Children have a strong sense of Wellbeing

Outcome Four – Children are confident and involved learners

Outcome Five – Children are effective communicators


  • Each Adventure provides cultural diversity, “visiting” different countries and talking about different cultures in the hope that some of the children’s cultural backgrounds will be included. Children will also be made aware of the similarities and differences in people, in turn broadening children’s understanding of the world in which they live.

  • Little Travel Adventures acknowledges the traditional owners of this land the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and content is included into every Adventure.

  • Children will be challenged to use both fine motor skills and gross motor skills. They will be encouraged to participate in fun energetic physical activity to develop body awareness, spacial awareness, balance and coordination. As well as learning musical awareness of tempo and rhythm through the use of props and percussion instruments.

  • Children’s creativity will be enhanced using various stimuli such as music, dance, movement, dramatic play, games, flashcards, props and percussion instruments.

  • Children will build on their language and counting skills in each class, by learning the greeting in each country they “visit” and participating in counting exercises. The classes promote listening and the development of social skills, such as how to work in a group and take turns while also building self-confidence. With the inclusion of an interactive world map backdrop, each child will have the opportunity to be a part of the experience while also learning to interact with others.

  • Classes are stimulating and engaging allowing the children to use their imaginations and respond to ideas and role play while feeling safe, secure and supported. And when children are having fun they don’t even realise how much they’re learning! Little Travel Adventures can provide a link between home and the centre, contributing to each child’s love of learning.


"Being a Director of a child care centre, I am the first to look for incursions that are educational, inclusive, fun and cost affective to families. Finally I have found a show that ticks all the boxes and that is Little Travel Adventures. The incursion takes you on an adventure around the world to so many wonderful countries and teaches the children and educators about multiculturalism and the different ways of life from various countries. Thank you to Kristy for providing such a wonderful show and I definitely would highly recommend it to all centres. What is even better is Kristy will even provide you with the NQF information that links to her show and what she is teaching the children. Well done on such a fun filled show."

"...professional, prepared, energetic and FUN! We were certainly impressed with her program and her ability to adapt within a entertainment setting with a very educational program."

"What a wonderful experience with props and all. My kids loved it and talked about it for days. Great concept and lots of fun!" 

"The children all enjoyed travelling around the world with Kristy at the kindy. They were all so excited and involved in all the fun activities she provided. Children learn through play and also enjoy physically being involved. Like playing the clapping sticks or pretending to row down the river Nile. Well done Kristy love your enthusiasm lots of fun. Looking forward to travelling again next time we see you."




"Children from Lilypad would like to thank Little Travel Adventures and Kristy. It is a lovely show. Children can learn about the culture of countries they travel to by interact with music, dancing, movement and storytelling. It is a very good activity to cover most learning areas.

Thanks again Kristy for the lovely experience."

“Little Travel Adventures has been visiting our centre since the beginning of 2022 as a fortnightly incursion. Kristy Filewood who is the owner operator conducts the experience, Kristy has the ability to interact and engage enthusiastically with the children at their level, regardless of age. We are always looking for educational, inclusive experiences that are cost effective for the centre, and beneficial to the EYLF covering all 5 Learning Outcomes and Little Travel Adventures is just that! The children love the energetic, interactive, and fun way the experience is delivered and when Kristy concludes the experience the children are always sad it has come to an end. Kristy always gets a “we love you” on her way out of the centre, a great indication the children enjoy and can’t wait for Little Travel adventures to come back again!”

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