Multicultural programs have been created for children to explore new countries and cultures throughout the year. 

Choose just one or all of these fun adventures! 

Adventure 1: Australia, China, Italy, and Brazil

Children start their world adventure in the “Australian Outback” getting to know some of the Australian native animals and learning about hunting in the Aboriginal culture. Our next stop is China to join a “Dragon line” and celebrate Chinese New Year, followed by a tour of Italy including the Opera and Pompeii. We finish our adventure in Brazil celebrating "Carnival" in Rio!


Adventure 2: Australia, Japan, UK, and USA (Hawaii) 

Children start their world adventure learning about the Aboriginal culture and their hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Our next stop is Japan to visit the “Sumos and Geishas”. Then we head to London to be a part of the "Changing of the Guard” at Buckingham Palace, before our final stop, Hawaii, to learn a "Hula".


Adventure 3: Australia, India, Kenya, and Mexico

Children start their world adventure in Australia on the “Great Barrier Reef”, before hearing an Aboriginal "Dreamtime" Story. Next we're off to India, for some fun "Bollywood" dancing. Then get out your binoculars as its time to head to Africa on "Safari". And our adventure finishes in Mexico with a “Fiesta”.


Adventure 4: Australia, USA, France, and Jordan

Children start their world adventure on an Australian sheep station, before learning about some Aboriginal sacred sites.Our next stop is America for some “Cheerleading and Marching Band” practice. Then we fly to France to try out the art of “miming” before exploring the sights of Paris. And our adventure finishes in Jordan “floating” on the Dead Sea.


Adventure 5: Australia, Indonesia, Canada, and Greece

Children start their world adventure in Australia dancing to some Aboriginal music and learning about the importance of dance in the Aboriginal culture. Next it's time to visit the monkey forest in Indonesia. Then get ready for some snow sports in Canada & a Rocky Mountain train ride, before finishing our adventure in the ancient city of "Olympia", Greece, the home to the first Olympic games.


Adventure 6: Australia, Ecuador, Ireland, and Antarctica

Children start their world adventure in Australia learning ways to live in balance with the land like the Aboriginal people have done for 60 000 years. Then it’s off to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador to learn about its unique animals. Next it’s time to practice our footwork in Ireland with some Irish dancing, before finishing in Antarctica visiting the tallest penguin in the world.


Adventure 7: Australia, Egypt, USA, and Russia

Children start their world adventure in Australia learning about some Aboriginal musical Instruments. Then it’s off to Egypt for some “Belly dancing”, before some "Boot Scootin" fun in America and a look at the Native American culture. Our last stop is Moscow to join the “Russian Circus”. 


Adventure 8: Australia, Fiji, Spain, and Peru

Children start their world adventure visiting some zoo animals in Australia, before learning about the Aboriginal culture and the skills used to track animals. Then it’s off to the islands of Fiji to play the Lali (drum). Our next stop is Spain to join the "Matadors" and explore the rhythm of "Flamenco". Before finishing in the “Amazon Rainforest” meeting some jungle friends.

Christmas Adventure: Australia, USA (Hawaii), Germany, Iceland, and North Pole

Children will love this Christmas inspired Adventure. We start with our hot Australian Christmas, followed by a Christmas hula in Hawaii. Then it's off to Germany to learn about some Christmas traditions including decorating a Christmas tree, before exploring the Northern Lights in Iceland. And our adventure finishes with a visit to the North Pole!

*** Halloween Add on ***

If the children would like to celebrate “Halloween” dancing like skeletons in America, then you can substitute one of the countries in any of the above Adventures for the Halloween add on. 

Each Little Travel Adventure:

  • Runs for approximately 45 minutes.

  • Starts in our homeland of Australia and visits 3 other exciting countries.

  • Explores different cultures including the Aboriginal and Torres Strait         Islander culture.

  • Experiences different dance styles.

  • Provides fun educational facts.

  • Is suitable for children aged 2-5 years.

  • Uses dance, music, percussion instruments, props, imagination and an 

         interactive world map.​



  • Encourages balance and co-ordination

  • Challenges both fine and gross motor skills

  • Teaches musical awareness of tempo and rhythm

  • Inspires creativity and confidence

  • Promotes listening, language and counting skills






* Travels to Childcare Centres, Daycares, Pre-schools, Vacation care, Afterschool care, Playgroups and more.

* Classes can be repeated back to back, catering for each age group separately.

* Classes can be performed inside or outside (subject to weather).

* Working with Children Checked.

* Current Public Liability Insurance.

* Promotional poster emailed to the centre prior to the visit to put on display.

* Country colouring in sheets are provided for the children to take home and enjoy after the adventure. 

* Adventures can be customised upon request.

* I have sought council from the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) for the content included in each Adventure.

* Little Travel Adventures’ classes compliment the NSW Health initiative “Munch & Move” program, as well as the childcare education National Quality Standards and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

* Documentation can be provided linking each Adventure to the EYLF and the five learning outcome areas. 




Disclaimer: Adventures have been created to be as accurate and respectful to the dance styles and cultures as possible.